Photo gallery

Photo gallery



1972 Met Lev Blinov at Kent State

1978 With Lev Blinov at the VIth International Liquid Crystal Conference

(Kent State University. Kent, Ohio. USA)

1980 With Ger Vertogen in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)


1994 X-ray setup at FOM-Institute AMOLF (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

1994 As rector at the Open University of the Netherlands

2008 At the NSLS of Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA)

2011 Lecturing at the USTC (Hefei, China)

2011 Lecturing at USTC (Hefei, China)

2013 Presentation of the Frederiks medal (Crystallografic Institute of the Russian Acedemy of Sciences, Moscow)

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